July 2, 2002

Post #1504 – 20020702

Dear DP,

This is Stubby .thanks for the info, but you didn’t answer my question. WHAT IS A BORGELNUSKIE!!!!!!!!!????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????????????!!!!!!


Stubegious S. Jones

leader and founder of the Opposite bros.

Daniel replies:

What IS a borgelnuskie? What an appropriate question to contemplate, coming as it does on July 3rd, one day before the Glorious Fourth, our national natal day. What IS a borgelnuskie? It is a hot summer day at the beach. It is a visit to the art museum with your aunt Annabelle. It is the roar of the crowd carried on the wind from the distant stadium. It is building a model race car in the basement, and being careful not to inhale glue fumes. It is toothmarks in a Number Two Ticonderoga pencil. It is hamsters playing in the rays of the setting sun. What is a Borgenuskie? It is America. And Canada. And northern Mexico. And Puerto Rico. Happy Independence day, Stubby.