Steve Gurney

July 9, 2002

Post #1507 – 20020709


One of the fond memories of my childhood was owning and reading and rereading your book Wingman. Recently, my nephew has gotten into comic books and I thought it’d be a great story for him to read. Unfortunately, as you no doubt know, it is no longer in print. I was wondering if there are any plans to bring it back into circulation or if you knew of any place on line that I can get a copy of it for a reasonable price….


Steve Gurney

Daniel replies:

I always start with Cattermole 20th Century Children's Books ( ), then there's,, and various others. Ed? I think there was a (Dell?) paperback floating around.

There is, and it's mine, and you can't have it. But if you're really interested in getting a copy, try BiblioFind. They're sure to have a few copies available for a decent price. -- Ed.