A Prospective Dadaist

May 25, 2002

Post #1488 – 20020525

my friends and I were very impressed by the ideas in your young adult novel. we decided to produce a conspiracy. we printed up 500 business cards with thin blue circles on them. we were also going to draw lots of blue circles on the ground of our high school with chalk, but they couldn’t be seen unless you were standing on top of them, so we didn’t. we (me and about four other people) started distributing the business cards around the campus: first in the bathrooms, in little piles; then in windows; then on door handles and poles. after a few days we found evidence of them being noticed because of smiley or angry faces drawn in some of them.

after a few days two of my compatriots brashly put up some cards in front of some administrators, who (luckily) only reprimanded them and told them to stop. it was fun while it lasted. thank you very much for the idea, and for making school bearable for a few weeks. we also love your books.

Daniel replies:

There are _ideas_ in a book of mine? This is the first I've heard. I'll have to check into this.