Jan Chozen Bays

May 24, 2002

Post #1487 – 20020524

Dear D. Manus P.,

We have moved into the new monastery buildings and are ready to receive guests. We would like to invite you and Mrs. DMP to visit us at Great Vow Zen Monastery any time you are able. We would be delighted, honored and surprised if you came to Clatskanie. We will have a “float” (read pickup truck with red, white and blue bunting and some of us playing marimba in the back) in the Fourth of July parade in town, followed by the third annual Pan Buddhist picnic. nO Buddhists in the pan, but hot tofu pups and garden burgers on the barbeque —- how can you resist?


Jan Chozen Bays

Daniel replies:

Actually, I can resist. But, if someone can take a digital picture of the zen marimbistas on the pickup truck, I'm sure Ed will post it, and I'd love to see it. Have an enlightened Fourth!