Xavier Garcia

May 29, 2002

Post #1489 – 20020529

Dear Mr. Pinkwater,

I recently sent you a postcard, which resulted in your sending me this e-mail address. First, I want to thank you for resonding to my query; it’s very gracious of you considering I’m a total stranger. Anyway, by way of brief introduction, I am a high school teacher in Fairmont, WV. I taught theatre for many years, and have written a few short plays. I really like your books; my wife introduced them to me, and now that I have children, I get to read some of them all over again. I especially like Lizard Music.

Which brings me to the question I referred to in my postcard: I know that there is a film version of the Hoboken Chicken Experiment, and a stage version of Lizard Music, but has there ever been a film treatment of Lizard Music? I think it would be a great movie, a natural for a young audience. It’s got a great premise, and the visual elements would be really terrific. How do you feel about this idea? Has anyone ever approached you about such a thing? What would be your response?

I would appreciate any response, though I don’t deserve it, seeing as how I’ve intruded upon your private life. Thanks for your work!

Xavier A. Garcia

Daniel replies:

To tell the truth, I'm not terribly intrested in movies or TV adaptations of my stuff. I let some activity go on for purposes of possibly enhancing my income. I have an agent who entertains offers from established Hollywood entities, (and they are entities). If you have money, you can play. I don't even want to hear about it.