Channing the Wonderdog

January 22, 2002

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Hello there! My name is Channing, and I am the accordion player and unicyclist of the infamous Cyclown Circus. We are starting a tour in Europe this May, doing big big shows for the shorties, and it has been decided that you would be the ideal recruitment at this point. I think that you would be perfect as a payaso. If you feel up to it (all our tours are done on bicycles… I ride a 6 foot tall bicycle around the countries, and carry an accordion and a unicycle, among other things. According to your website, you weigh 400 pounds, which may or may not be accurate, but would possibly hinder your ability to ride a bike. We could certainly make a special bike that could theoretically be easier for a man of your stature to ride) then let me know. We also teach circus classes and other such workshops, so you could presumably lead a writing workshop… If not, your support would be admired. Check out

Thanks Jim!


Channing the Wonderdog

P.S. Idea for story: person genetically engineers a tail and fuses it to butt muscles so he/she becomes a monkey. Hooray!

Daniel replies:

I'm honored of course, but I've given up cycling in favor of pogoing. I wouldn't fit in.