Nick Clark

January 23, 2002

Post #1438 – 20020123

Dear Mr. Pinwater,

I greatly admire your programming on week-end edition with Scott Simon. I am also the founding Director of The Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art scheduled to open in late 2002 in Amherst, MA [see and I listen with great interest to the segments you do–on numerous occasions you have motivated me to race out to my local bookseller to add to my collection. I do, however, take exception to your referring to the genre as “kid” lit, I think this is demeaning and does an unintentional disservice to a body of literature that is afterall the cornerstone to both our verbal and our visual literacy. I hope you or Mr. Simon will put aside the irrestible opportunity for the “bon mot,” and provide a more complimentary lead-in to what is always an enriching segment. I appreciate your consideration in this matter.


Nick Clark

H. Nichols B. Clark


The Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art

Daniel replies:

Nick, do you bore everybody, or is it just me? Poor Eric Carle.