Linden Skejeie

January 20, 2002

Post #1431 – 20020120

It’s late. If it weren’t, maybe I could find a book list on your site. But since it is late, and I can’t find it, maybe, if you have a list with book recommendations for a 2.5 year old with a really good attention span, you could send it to me? Or the link?

I’ve enjoyed your contributions to NPR for years. I caught you piece this morning about Henry Builds a Cabin and can’t wait to get it for Alison and I to read. I still remember a piece you did about your cat years ago. It was great. I could see it.

Thanks for brightening my days,

Linden Skjeie

San Jose, CA

Daniel replies:

Nothing comes to mind. I know I have seen some really nice books for very young kids, but since they aren't suitable for presentation on the radio program, I just enjoy them and sort of forget the details. A visit to a good bookshop, or the children's room at the public library might be helpful--and in the latter case there'll be a librarian present, who knows everything.