Chloe Hirschowitz

January 10, 2002

Post #1423 – 20020110

Dear Mr. Pinkwater,

I have read your book The Magic Goose. It is my favorite book. Knowing it is my favorite book I recommend you read it over and re-write the description on The description says that the goose’s name is Seymour and is in search of magic, in the book you will find a boy named Seymour who finds a magic goose. They have an adventure according to Seymour’s favorite book.

Thank you,

Chloe Hirschowitz

Class 3-207

P.S. 6

Daniel replies:

Thanks for pointing out the mistake. Chloe is such a neat name.

Chloe - Thanks for the correction! That description came from another web site, and reading it now makes me feel very sheepish. If it's ok with you, I've replaced it with your description. Thanks! -- Ed.