January 13, 2002

Post #1425 – 20020113

Hello DP.

I must say I have loved your books of a long time now… when I was in J High I thought I was soooooo cool for reading them… now I mention your name and people are like WHO? But they’re really out of touch. Mention Judy Blume and people remember… I havn’t yet met a person who read any Pinkwater but I think i’ve been running in the wrong circles….this site alone proves there are tons of fans.

You, Judy Blume ( Blubber), Paula Danzinger ( There’s a Bat in Bunk Five), Beverly Cleary ( The Ramona Books) and Louis Duncun ( And then there were Five, Summer of FEAR) Roland Dahl ( witches) were the hottest names in the library click I was part of as a kid … we couldn’t wait for you guys to pump out more stuff….

I guess I really just want to say thanks.

I esp loved your stuff. The chickenman of Hoboken…what happened to him? There should be movies of all your books. Why not? Okay Lizard Music may be to expensive but if they can bring V ( the visitors mini-series to the screen) then anything is possible.

I would love to make Worms of Kukumilla(?) into a movie –who should I talk to?

a REAL booklover.


Daniel replies:

, yes, I suppose there are tons of fans, but you have to remember--a good many of them are heavier than average, individually.