Alan Gold

December 21, 2001

Post #1411 – 20011221

I turned on my car radio, tuned to WAMU in Washington, and heard the last five minutes of this show, written and narrated by DP. That’s the part of the show where the Scroogiatzi Brothers wake up on Christmas morning and find it is not too late to send a turkey to Bob-Edwards Cratchit and save Tiny Ira. I wanted to hear the rest, so I called and E-mailed WAMU, NPR and Car Talk. Everyone was polite. I got a very nice E-mail from Car Talk. All was to no avail. Apparently, NPR didn’t buy the rights to make and sell cassettes or transcripts.

I am mildly obsessed about this. What can I do?

Daniel replies:

I dunno. I was just hired to write the script for a vast amount of money. Most people would be grateful to have only heard five minutes.