Bryan Riolo

December 18, 2001

Post #1410 – 20011218

“This Pinkwater man, is he profound?

I’ve heard he’s also kind of round!”

“It’s true, it’s true!” she said to me.

“He’s filled to the brim (And more!) with glee!

“So what does he mean to me and you?”

I thought it a question I would rue…

but I take it from her…

and give to you…

” Happiness. Joy. And the meaning of life…

and food to enjoy with spoon and knife.”

Daniel replies:

Something suspect about this doggerel. Is this encoded? Is it an al-Qaeda code? Deciphered, will this provide clues to the whereabouts of Bad Bin Laden, and a chance to collect Osama Lucky Bucks? I don't know, I think we've heard from this poet before.