Duane Pinto

December 23, 2001

Post #1412 – 20011223

Dear DP,

I see that you have come to the assistance of pathetic souls such as myself in the past.. twice. I am part of a small contingency, apparently, on the lookout for a specific Casio watch. It is the Casio Twin-Graph AE-20W. You sent you own to some guy named Tony who begged you for it. This summer, a fellow named John asked if you had information on another. You commented that you had a stash of these, but I can’t figure out whether you were just yanking his chain or whether you had such amazing foresight. It is probably doubly funny that if you were messing with him, you have been able to get me as well. Anyway, if you have any information on how to get one of these or a way for me to contact this John H. Kelly guy, I’d really appreciate it. I can come up with sort of sob story as well involving mechanical failure, childhood memories etc if you like.

Duane Pinto (DP)

Daniel replies:

Sorry. I have removed the batteries from my Casio Twin-Graphs, wrapped them in chemical-free tissue, and locked them in the safe-deposit box for at least 10 years. Not giving any more away--I will offer this batch for sale to museums of technology, along with my Stahley Live-Blade wind-up safety razors, and my Ultraflex fountain pens.