Tony Andexler

September 27, 2000

Post #1186 – 20000927

I’m not 100% understanding with your answer. Yes I am very interested in buying this watch from you. I’m not sure what price you would want for it, but this watch sold new in the 1980’s for around $50.00. If you would like I will offer you $100+. (I’m willing to pay TOP dollar for this watch!)

Daniel replies:

Now that I know there's a market, I am collecting all the cheap plastic junk I bought our of pure boredom in K-Mart and similar stores around Poughkeepsie, NY from 1980 to 1990. I am in touch with Southeby's and Christie's in New York City. I anticipate a special offering, my effects to be offered in lots, one of which will include the Casio watch, the Commodore computer, and the light-up running shoes. There will also be several lots of exercise equipment, the Bug-Out Board, the Tummycizor, the Abdominator, and so forth. News of the date of the auction will be posted on this site.

It says [588] AE-20W

It's running! And the wristband seems to have gotten brittle, and broken off, so you're on your own about finding a replacement. Give me your mailing address, and I'll send it charge. Only you have to tell us why you want it so much, or my webmaster and I will never have a peaceful night's sleep again.