September 28, 2000

Post #1188 – 20000928

Dear Mr. Pinkwater,

Being a person who goes to Genghis Khan HS I greatly sympathesize with your characters. My biology teacher is exactly the opposite of Ms. Sweet, instead of being the most boring teacher on the planet earth she is the most hyper, with her most recent act of insanity making my class get up and do the “molecule dance”.

My question for you is about a comentary you recently made on “Car Talk”. I was just wondering what the exact measurements of a Pinkwater car seat would be?



Daniel replies:

I haven't done the molecule dance in millions and millions of years. You can find out what the seat-width measurement known as the ""Pinkwater"" is by finding and visiting the Cartalk website. I just let them do whatever they want. They're harmless unless you let them work on your car.