Edmund Graziani

September 26, 2000

Post #1184 – 20000926

Dear Mr. Pinkwater and friends,

It’s really amazing what a google search will turn up; I searched “leonard neeble” and found your wonderful site. Can’t think why I didn’t do it sooner.

First, I was rereading “Alan Mendelsohn” the other day, and my hair stood on end when I caught a passing reference to Miskatonic University, my old alma mater. It’s been many years since I was a graduate student there, under the tutelage of Prof. J.L. Borges. I was working on a dissertation in comparative pataphyisics and exogastronomy, but unfortunately read a little too far into some ancient Tlon manuscripts. I spent a while recovering at the Alfred Jarry Sanitarium. I’m better now.

Second, I have a rather crankish question to ask, one which I bore all my friends with. If you had to select one example of “bread” to represent the planet earth in an inter-galactic bake-off, what would you choose? I am tempted to guess that your answer will be that paragon of chewy bakedness, the bagel; but can you really pass on such wonders as the brioche, croissant, baguette, caraway rye, challah, english muffin, crumpet, tortilla, roti, pita, et. al.?



Daniel replies:

For all I know, still in existence, is a famous Hollywood restaurant known as Musso and Frank. There, in the early to mid-1950s was served a sourdough bread, crispy-crusted, with a chewey texture and the finest flavor of any sourdough I have ever eaten. I never miss sampling sourdough breads when I get the chance, and I like them all, but this was the best in my experience.