Rodney Koch

August 22, 2000

Post #1168 – 20000822

Mr. Pinkwater,

I realize this may not be your e-mail address, I’m gambling this will find it’s way to you. During the broadcast of C.W. Theater on Sun. Aug. 20th, I believe you made reference to “My old pal” Ken Nordeen. (please excuse any misspellings) Needless to say my ears perked up, like they have not perked up in years! I was wondering…………

  1. Is Ken still with us?
  2. Is he still recording?
  3. Are his recordings for sale anywhere?
  4. Does he have a website?

Any & all Information on this subject would be greatly appreciated! Thanks,

Rodney (curious in Cedar Hills) Koch

Daniel replies:

Like any listener you heard/remember somewhat selectively. What I said, in a mock derisive tone, to my esteemed colleague and producer Charity Nebbe, who had just stepped on a rather lush word-picture I was painting, was, ""If Ken Nordeen and Jean Shepherd had you for a producer, we'd have had National Public Radio even sooner.""Nordeen is not my ""old pal,"" except in the sense that as a wonderful sound-artist he's a pal to all of us. As far as I know, he lives and produces work. As to a web site, I don't know if he has one--but by this time, who doesn't? Do a google-search.