August 21, 2000

Post #1167 – 20000821

Dear D.P.,

I heard there was gonna be a Lizard Music 2, do you have any idea when it will come out? If so, when? Also, I just read The Magic Camera and Devil in the Drain. I had never heard of them, and on all your list of books they’re never there (at least of what I’ve seen.) What’s up with that? And finally, why does Jill never show her picture? From reading all you’re biographys I’m curious to see how she looks, I’ve only seen that painting thing in Rainy Morning.

Daniel replies:

I think I'm supposed to hand in the sequel to Lizard Music before the end of this year--which means I haven't started writing it yet. I see a folder with LIZ MUS 2 written on it, which means I must have thought about it, and made some notes, but goshdarned if I can remember what they are, and I dare not look in the folder because I'm supposed to be thinking about something else. Some people will be surprised, and others not surprised at all, to learn that in order to make a living as a children's author I have to do everything fast, and have no time to go back and correct things. Jill's people believe that if you have your picture taken, the Republicans will get your soul.