Cathleen Coulson-Keegan

August 20, 2000

Post #1166 – 20000820

Dear Danial:

I always claim to belong to the Church of the Chenwag Theater and Danial Pinkwater is my guru. To belong I believe (and practice) one needs to pour a glass of red wine on Sunday evenings (In Lorane, Oregon – 7:00 PM from KOAC in Corvallis) and fix dinner while listening to the latest sermon on the philosophy of life from the resident guru. (You may wonder why we are begining dinner at 7 PM and that is because we are old hippies that make artistic products and work all the time. We also drive a ’77 Ford Econoline Van with many bumper stickers and our van’s ‘captian chairs’ are a copious PINKWATER.)

Best regards,

Cathleen Coulson-Keegan

Daniel replies:

Most people with gurus send the guru substantial amounts of money. By making me yours, and getting guruisms over public radio, you realize a considerable saving. I hope you send a check to the radio station once in a while.