Emily & Aaron Jacobs

June 3, 2000

Post #1136 – 20000603

Dear Great Uncle Daniel,

Thank you for sending the pictures of Lulu to me I really enjoyed looking at them and thank you for the book the first day i got it i read it all in one night. How are Jill’s cats doing and is there any stories about Lulu and the cat. I wonder if we will see you. Now my brother is talking.

I would really enjoy you sending some recordings of the voices you use for the pets in your house to me so i listen to them. Any funny stories about the pets in your house would be most appreciated.

>From Emily & Aaron Jacobs

Daniel replies:

More people who imagine/pretend they are related to me. It used to be the royal family of Russia. Ok, you may continue to claim you are my great-nephew and great-niece. The voices we use for animals in our household? Is that what you're asking? You imagine that we do...like...cartoon voices for the animals? And they're trained to work their jaws while we talk for them? Is that what you believe? I deny everything. I will only say this: No animal that lives here would participate is such a stunt. It would be beneath their dignity. They speak for themselves. We talk to them in English. And I started to teach Lulu to read using flash cards, but she was making too much progress, and I decided maybe it was a bad idea.