May 30, 2000

Post #1134 – 20000530

What do you do when you start to panic because you think other people might discover you are not a real artist but merely pretending to be one? Should you stop pretending to be an artist if you really really like it?

P.S. I sent a copy of 5 novels to my fifteen year old brother-in-law for Christmas and his father recently called us, very concerned that brother-in-law has been painting urinals to look like monsters with big mouths in his art class. Do you think he read the book?

Daniel replies:

Oh no...do not stop. I have been pretending to be an artist for almost 40 years. It's better than really being one because you probably won't be so obnoxious. As to your 15-year-old brother-in-law, I take no responsibility for what he may do.

D. Pinkwater, F.R.Econ.S.