Michael Engle

May 29, 2000

Post #1133 – 20000529

First time listener to your show, I thought it was great, but I need to comment on the Diner mention.

Secondly, THANK YOU from all Diner fanatics ( www.roadsidemagazine.com to find there are quite a few of us) for the rave remarks on diners.

Thirdly though, diners were not originated from railroad cars. To make a long story short. Walter Scott, in 1872, began to offer prepared food from a horse drawn freight wagon in Providence, RI ( From American Diner Museum www.dinermuseum.org ) People copied the idea. Worcester Lunch Car Co. , the Tierney Co.

They started as lunch carts, and then, because they were in the Northeast they started offering a few seats inside ( stools and counters ). As these were prefabricated objects, they could only be made as big as could be moved.

Daniel replies:

I missed the program, and barely remember what we may have recorded about diners...but I am sure we will revisit the subject. Pretty soon the Chinwag Theater website (linked to this one) is going to be refurbished and re-activated, and there will be an email address you can supply with URLs so we can educate ourselves and convey more accurate diner information to our astute listeners.