Rob Broder

June 5, 2000

Post #1138 – 20000605

hi. i just wanted to write to you to let you know what i’ve done. i am a pre-kindergarten teacher. i work with four and a half to five year olds. we took your book the big orange splot and turned it into our end of the year play. it will be performed this thursday and friday (june 8th and 9th.).

the kids have designed their own houses out of foam board. one side is painted brown, the other side is painted into their dreams. the have also designed their costumes and characters. and when they all go and have a talk with mr. plumbean, they all say what they want to live in.

it is very cute and the kids are very excited.

i thought you’d like to know. i will take pictures of the stage and hopefully a parent or two will video tape it. if you’d like to see it or at least some photos, let me know.

have a good day.

rob broder

mill valley, california

Daniel replies:

Rob, meet Anna, whose message follows this one--another splot-fan. Good luck with your theatrical exercise. It sounds very nice.