Linda Frasier

June 3, 2000

Post #1135 – 20000603

Dear Mr. Pinkwater,

I wrote to you a while back about my friend with the brain tumors. I found a copy of Young Adults for her plus the Snarkout books on audio tape! I’m going out to visit her in July. She is having trouble reading, so I think the audio books will be especially perfect. She used to be a lot like Rat.

In assuring the quality of those audio tapes, I have found myself in danger of having an aneurism from laughing. My 7 year old daughter is completely addicted to them.

Dove audio has terrible taste, because they aren’t carrying anything of yours at the moment. I bet Young Adults would be swell on audio tape. Perhaps they are concerned about liability for aneurisms and addiction?

I feel really jealous of all these kids who got to grow up reading your books. I guess I’m doing my best to warp my children appropriately.

Sincerely, Linda Frasier

Daniel replies:

You are doing the right thing. I bet your kids will not put you out on the ice when you are old and toothbrush. Please give my best wishes to your differently-brained friend. As for Dove Audio, I am delighted they're not offering my stuff--and I hope that continues. I hate and detest them, as many others seem to. Maybe once we get some corporate funding and a few more radio stations...and are secure, Chinwag Theater can issue some tapes and CDs.