Greg Hainline

August 1, 2019

Perpetuating the Pinkwater Panoply

Mr. Pinkwater,

I was recently reflecting on the most formative people in my life, and I was tickled to realize how much of an impact your books had on me, both in childhood and now as an adult. As I reach a time in my life when I begin to see children of my in own on the horizon, I know I have to share your books with them. The question is- how? While I do a great deal of reading on my digital devices that is not how I want to introduce your books to children (though I suppose maybe that’s just how life goes). Do you see any new printings in your future? Or do I need to go out and snatch up every old Pinkwater tome I can lay my hands on? Now that I write it down, the prospect of doing so doesn’t seem so terrible.

Thank you so much for giving me such delightful problems to have. My personal problem aside, I hope your books are preserved so that many generations yet to come may enjoy them. Or be subjected to them in totalitarian classrooms of the future.

Daniel replies:

Yes, there are new printings in the future, and there are some books still in print that you can find, also there are a great many used copies available online at Ebay, Amazon, and specialist booksellers like Cattermole 21st  Century Books. Having no social life, I've been able to write a lot of books, so many that practically nobody has them all. All through my career, I've encountered kids, mostly, who went around with lists in their pockets, tracking down titles that they wished to acquire. Makes sort of a nice hobby, don't you think?