Jonathan Wertheim

July 28, 2019

Taking Daniel Pinkwater to lunch

My two friends and I have been fans of yours for donkey’s years, as well as  human years. Having come into possession of a lunch’s worth of fortune, we were hoping to visit pay a debt of gratitude to you by spending that fortune in your company. We certainly don’t want to impose, but we’ll be in your neighborhood on 7/26 and 7/28. Would you do us the honor? (Unrelated  side note – I think you know Ethan Iverson? I had the pleasure of getting to know him slightly when I worked as a jazz critic several years ago. A small world…)

In any event, thank you for your amazing books. They got me through some hard years.

(Not for public consumption – this message, not the lunch.) 

Daniel replies:

Very kind of you indeed, but I can't engage in social activities this July. I'd have to decline an invitation from Ethan Iverson too, though you will agree he is a lovely fellow.