Clint C. Holtz

August 6, 2019

Thank You!


Last night I was doing
the usual routine of reading 3-4 books to my son and he was having a hard time
picking out some to read. I expect this was more of a stalling tactic than
anything else, so being the bed time enforcer I am I told him I was picking books
tonight. As I was skimming the book shelf and came across The Big Orange Splot. This was the exact copy my mother had read to
me literally thousands of time. The pages ruffled from water marks left by a
glass of water I had spilled on it 30 years ago. The wear and miles that had been
put on this children’s book brought a smile to my face. It was a wonderful
moment having the opportunity to take my son on a walk down memory lane via Mr.
Plumbean’s “neat street”. After I finished the book and tucked in my 3 year old
I felt the need to look you up and if nothing more to say thank you. I plan to
send my weathered and memory filled copy to you to have signed by you soon.
Thanks again for the masterpiece that provided me with many memories with my
mother and now my son.


Daniel replies:

I knew when I started making books that they were precious to me, at least for the time I worked on them...when they were finished they tended to get pushed aside by new projects...but it never really crossed my mind that some of the books would become precious to some people. It's very neat! Very! And it's very kind of you to share with me.