Ali Kramen

April 8, 2022

If I Only Have One Hour in Hoboken

Private message, please. Visiting NYC from Montana, and would like to visit Hoboken  (because of “Chicago Days Hoboken Nights”). Pressed for time, would you please tell me what tourist-type thing you’d do with only one hour in Hoboken? If it’s get bagels with you, I’ll buy. Party would include my 17-year-old twins, me,  and our Uber driver.  Thursday, April 7th, 2022 after 4 pm, Friday the 8th after 3 pm, or Saturday the 9th at the crack of dawn. PS There’s  no Captcha to prove I’m not a Spambot. Never mind, there is, and I ain’t.

Daniel replies:

I haven't lived in Hoboken since 1977 and I haven't even set foot in Hoboken since maybe 1981. I've looked at videos, and except for having seen them I wouldn't recognize much of the town. If I was in the NY metro area with only an hour to spend, I'd spend it in Manhattan at the Frick Collection, it's an art museum, probably the single best thing in the whole northeast.