Daniel Amberg

April 8, 2022

How tall are you? (for a small effigy I am making)

Hello Mr. Pinkwater,

In brief, I am creating small wood effigies of my favorite authors. I would like them to be appropriately sized relative to one another. Toward this end, how tall are you? (Thus far it will just be you and David Sedaris.)

Now to the gushing, fawning part: I am 52 years old and grew up reading your novels. I raised three children on them as well. (Only one of the children wound up being a miscreant like his dad.) My absolute favorite might be Young Adult Novel. I’ve read and re-read Alan Mendelson, Yobgorgle and Lizard Music more times than I can possibly remember. You are a treasure, and I am deeply grateful for the absurdity, humor and subversion you wove into the fabric of my being! Thank you.

–Dan Scott Amberg, Chandler Arizona

Daniel replies:

Nice try. I know perfectly well that "effigies" won't work unless they're proportional. Not that I believe in this sort of thing, but just in case, I'm doing nothing that will help you get into my bank account through the use of some Afro/Caribbean traditional techniques.