Diane Keedy Pisko

March 22, 2022

Please bring back Wuggie

I love Wuggie.  My adult son loves Wuggie.  I think the next generation and all the generations moving forward need to know Wuggie.  Please please bring Wuggie back!!!!  The world needs him!! Very Sincerely,

Wuggie Lover

Daniel replies:

You imagine professional authors like me have any control or say about what gets published, republished, brought back. It's not so. Decisions like that are left to people in the publishing industry who are mostly paid very poorly, and mostly can't get jobs in better industries which pay more because they aren't worth it. There are copies of Wuggie Norple floating around. You can probably find them on Ebay and in other places. Shouldn't cost much. So, really it doesn't need bringing back. I'm glad you like the book!