Andy Z

April 23, 2022

Tips for snarking?

Dear Mr. Pinkwater,

I was so inspired by your Snarkout Boys novels that I decided to try it for myself. I woke at midnight and managed to exit the house without waking anyone. I set out looking for slam poetry or jazz but instead found only wind and snowdrifts (I live in rural Minnesota). After about 3 minutes of looking at the moon, I got too cold and came back inside. 

Overall I’d say it was a moderate success but I am hoping you could give me some advice to make next time even better.

Best wishes,


Daniel replies:

I think you were safer snarking where you snarked than you might be in an urban location. Things are different these days. I was a serious snarker, and never had any occasion to feel the least bit unsafe or uncomfortable, but that was then. I'm assuming you had suitable footwear and clothing for your mini-snark.