J. Murray Onofrio

August 15, 2021

E-Mail in 1977?

Dear Mr. Pinkwater,

I am 7 years old and about to start 2nd Grade.  My dad and I have been stuck in the house for 518 days.  We have read some of your books.  My favorite is “Lizard Music.”  We are reading “The Hoboken Chicken Emergency.”  My dad is confused.  He says that you wrote it in 1977, so how could you have written an e-mail address for Anthony DePalma, Chicken Hunter, 20 years before people used e-mail?  He says e-mail might have existed in 1977, but only like 3 people would have known about it.  How did you know about it and how would Anthony DePalma have been able to use it?

Splendiferously yours,


Daniel replies:

That's interesting. Is it possible I invented e-mail? I don't remember inventing it, but that doesn't prove I didn't. I have always been forgetful, and now I am old, and can hardly remember anything. I will ask my wife...oops, she is old too, so we can't trust her memory. I know I invented the pastrami sandwich on rye bread with a pickle on the side, but that is hardly the same thing.