Steven Lamonea

September 8, 2021

Reading your stories increases my happiness

Dear Daniel,

I’m reading “Uncle Boris in the Yukon and Other Shaggy Dog Stories,” and loving it.  Your stories are wonderful and getting to know a little something about you is a treat.  I love dogs too and am speeding back to Brooklyn to see my Sam as I write (I’m on a train).


Thank you for writing and sharing stories with me (and lots of others).  I will never be able to read enough of your books.  Please don’t take that as permission to slack off from writing, I’d prefer you didn’t.

A big fan of yours,     Steven Lamonea, 

PS: I’m not sure if my message/question is going through because I tried submitting it on my phone and the screen blinked/flashed but I’m not sure if that proved I’m not a spambot.  I’m using a proper desktop now and saw a Captcha thing so I’m more optimistic now than ever before.  My apologies if you’ve been inundated with multiple messages.

Daniel replies:

Steven, I never really gave any thought to people being made happy, or happier, because of things I write. I never thought very many...or any...people would read my stuff. But, here you are. You read it, you like it. This makes me wish I had learned more and become a better writer. It's not too late! I will try to improve. If you should read something of mine, and think, "Look at this! He finally broke out of being mediocre." If this should happen, some of the credit will be yours. So, thanks for the encouragement and help.