Keith Upson

July 17, 2021

Thank you.

I am 51 one and I adult reasonably well and have read hundreds of books and written a few myself

 but two of the best I have ever read are Lizard Music and Hoboken Chicken Emergency and thank you.

I’m a few thousand words into writing one right now that is just for fun and it hit me like a ton of bricks yesterday that it wouldn’t be happening without Lizard Music and then I’ve spent the last 24 hours thinking about how many other nice things in my life that applies to as well, and I figure who doesn’t like to hear thank you.

Thank you.


Daniel replies:

I keep receiving thanks and credit, probably by default. I have the best readers in the world, (you among them), who deserved a better author but got me. This is not to say your gratitude is misplaced...and it is appreciated all the more for being such a near thing.