June 15, 2018

Comment of Thanks

Thank you!

Your book was my fave from when I was about 4 years old. At that age, I loved the pictures and the lyrical prose. And even then had the underlying appreciation that could not be articulated s of the power of being your own person and not giving a …care.

I read your book so many times a day as a kid that it became an organic background voice of authority in my head that I took for granted. Always promoting my personal style of me, and reminding me to respect that in others. 

Did not realise the impact of your book until I recently purchased “my favourite childhood book” (ok, pre Roald Dahl reading fave, but that is not shabby company!) to share with my 4 year old mini-me. The messages I take from it are just as powerfull to me as an adult, and exactly what I want to instil in her. 

Funnily too, I do now have a career making peoples homes exactly represent them + who they are!!!

Thank you for improving my life in such a positive way. I so appreciate you writing your amazing book, and it finding me (twice!) at the exact moment I needed it. As all the truly brilliant books do.

No reply needed. This is a pure fangirl gratitude email. 




Daniel replies:

 I'm guessing these gratifying remarks have to do with The Big Orange Splot.