Mira Karabin

May 17, 2019

Artsy Smartsy Club

Dear Mr. Pinkwater,

Eveliina (9) and I had a roaring good time reading about Arthur Bobowicz and Henrietta in Hoboken. 

We just started the Artsy Smartsy Club and she loves hearing and saying the name Bruno Ugg (“like Egg,” she giggles) and I delight in saying the name, Loretta Fischetti, out loud again and again.

And then last night – I wish you could have heard it – the wild guffawing, cluck cluck, gut-busting squeals that erupted from Eveliina when I reached the paragraph in the book when she learned that Nick Itch’s real name is Ivan Itch!!! Ten minutes of pure convulsive ecstatic hilarity!

Oh my goodness… what fun!!! 

Thanks for sharing your joy. Love all your books!!!


Mira (44) and Eveliina (9) 

Hartsdale, NY

Daniel replies:

Imagine how it feels when one is a writer and someone describes having all kinds of fun with something he wrote, specifically hoping people would have fun with it!  Are you imagining? Well, it feels better than that. Imagine again. OK, now you're getting it. Are you smiling? I am.