Ivy Sheldon-Greene

May 20, 2019

Not a question

Dear Mr. Pinkwater,

This is really just a fan letter….My daughter–a high school senior–has to bring a a favorite childhood picture book to her AP English Lit class. I suggested Bake Shop Ghost and started reminiscing about listening to your NPR reviews and running out to buy the books….which I have saved.

Thank you for your inspiring choices. My youngest child is going off to college and I am getting way too weepy and nostalgic but enjoying looking through these books that have been hiding for way too long.

Thank you,

Ivy Greene

Daniel replies:

Thank you very much! It was fun finding good books to talk about on NPR, and working with such talented people. NPR was like a family, a big, dysfunctional family. It's a delight to know that you were listening, and liked the books.