May 4, 2019

Big Orange Splot

Mr. Pinkwater,

Just thought you would appreciate the impact that your book has had in my life.  I read your book when I was in grade school, bought the book and read it to my children.  I winded up giving that copy away to a friend, and then recently bought a few copies for work colleagues with newborns.  I bought 3 and winded up giving them away to other new parents, so I had to buy more.  Bought 3 more, gave them away.  3 more, now I just bought 4 and gave 2 away today.

Simple as it’s message was, I recall even in grade school the message that being yourself and expressing yourself isn’t a ‘bad’ thing, and authenticity is contagious.

Just thought you’d like to know. 🙂


Ronnie Battista

Daniel replies:

It is cool! You know, one doesn't think much about a book meaning something to someone, or being valuable to's a lot to think about, just trying to get everything right in making it. So, it's a delightful surprise when I get a message like yours. Thanks for telling me!