More about Pinkwater on The Bob Edwards Show

By webmastered

For years, beloved (there’s that word!) children’s book illustrator and writer Daniel Pinkwater has been a welcome voice in the public radio world, sharing his musings and observations on NPR’s All Things Considered and making Scott Simon — and listeners — laugh on Weekend Edition Saturday. Having Daniel on the show has been something I’ve wanted to do for some time (I think I’ve purchased about 50 copies of his 1977 book The Big Orange Splot) and his most recent book, Mrs. Noodlekugel (Candlewick Press), gave me the perfect opportunity. Daniel will join us from time to time to share essays on his life in New York’s Hudson River Valley and recommend some of his favorite, albeit sometimes out-of-print children’s books … but what is the internet for but to track down old books? We are delighted to have him aboard.

— Cristy Meiners, producer

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