Film version of “The Neddiad”

By webmastered

From reader Michael Ash:

“For the past four summers, accomplished
amateur filmmaker Tom Barker has led a group of roughly twelve children, now aged 7 to 13, on a weeklong exploration of the art of filmmaking, from flipbooks and stop-action animation through storyboarding and acting to green screens and special effects.

This summer the older children (the “Green Team“) made a film adaption of their favorite novel, The Neddiad. Producer Tom (a.k.a. Grandpa Tom) was charmed by Ned’s reminiscences from the late 40’s and early 50’s and a chance to put his model trains in a movie. I’m one of the parents and grew up on Aldine Street, around 300m from Nettelhorst School, and my grandmother lived at 433 West Roscoe St. So the book holds special resonances for many of us.”

Have a look at the finished product right here.