Jeanne Murdock

April 4, 2018

Your name in lights

Mr. Pinkwater, I am an author in California who learned about you when I was hired by Carole Breton to write her autobiography. She told me all about the New England Stewpot Restaurant her family owned in Maine. Your name was attached to those stories. I also found out about Blue Moose¬†books and saw Carole’s copies. She loved those books more than any other she read. I thought that you’d like to know that you are mentioned in Carole’s book, My Guardian Angel Wears Antiperspirant. You can read excerpts on my website:¬† I’m hoping you’d like to own a copy of her book. She’d be honored. I’m also hoping that you can help me spread the word about her book. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Daniel replies:

For everyone's information, a long time ago, Jill and I turned up at a cabin on Moosehead Lake with two Malamutes, a frying pan, some brown rice and spices, and fishing tackle. We caught nothing, and wound up in an improbable restaurant called Ye Olde New England Stewpot. There we met a chef named Breton, had some of the best meals of our lives, and the rest is literary history. At this writing I know nothing of the life of Breton's daughter Carole, but I plan to read the's a neat family.

By the way, it was on that trip I was putting gas in my car, and a moose brushed past me, at a gas station! In the middle of town! "A moose! A moose just walked through!" I shouted. The old Mainer gas station guy said, "Drat. When they come into town this early in the fall, it means a fierce winter."