April 12, 2019

When did you become a author

Hi my name is Lexi I am in 4th grade in , Va. Today I had a test and on one of the passages I learned about you It was talking about how you are an amazing author.Anyway I just want to ask what got you into reading and writing childrens books.

Daniel replies:

Thanks for asking your question. The answer is very simple. When I learned to read, I sort of liked it. Then when I got introduced to the children's room at the public library, I liked it a whole lot. The more I read, the better I got at reading, and I liked it more and more. This was the best reading, and the most fun, of any reading I did in my whole life. This was partly because so many of the books I read were good ones, and partly because reading was still kind of new to me, and that made it even better. So, when I tried writing a story, it seemed natural to write something I would have liked back in those days when I was checking books out of the library. And it was something like the kind of fun I had reading back then. That is my answer. Oh, and I will add one more thing...adults are sort of boring. (Don't tell anybody I told you that).