Jessica Dell

March 30, 2019

Fishwhistle!? And love!

Im the middle  of three kids (born 76 78 and 1980).  Raised in New Jersey  mostly and I would read whatever made my big sister Alison  laugh out loud.  I  must  have gotten your book The Last Guru from her.  And then my brother Nathaniel got in on it.  Soon  we were all looking  for more books by you.   One day in a bookshop near pier 17 in Manhattan in the late 80s we found a casette of you reading fishwhistle and it became a constant ridiculous companion.  Neither appropriate nor inappropriate for our ages then, we delighted in your stories and your delivery. I learned the first lines of  kubla khan from you! And went on to learn the rest!  And have not yet found a pepper i cannot eat!  Your voice is probably part  of my inner monologue to this day along with stephen frye reading the hitchhikers guide books because those cassettes were also in heavy rotation:)    Over the years i was thrilled when i would hear you on NPR.  Recently with my three year old i watched some scholastic story videos .  I instantly recognized your voice (have you seen my hat?)  and it brought back good feelings.  And I was happy your voice reached  my kids  too.  I remember all kinds of moments – loved the Malamute stories  and more (ps i also read superpup!)  we live upstate now and Would love to come out for any regional  events!   Much love from me and my siblings and kids – big fans all.  We Would love to find the full audio  of fishwhistle! 

Daniel replies:

You are not the first person to identify me as a constant ridiculous companion. Also, your kind and welcome post points out that readers frequently come in family bunches. It is a particular honor that my weak jokes and inane concepts become points of reference for sometimes two or three generations worth of people I'm sure I would like, and definitely approve of.