Kelly Maver

September 6, 2018

What inspired you to write The Big Orange Splot?

I have read, The Big Orange Splot, to all of my classes for over a decade. It is by visiting read-aloud for Parent visitation Day at my children’s school. I collect the stories behind the stories to share with others as both an  educational blogger and teacher. My kindergarteners are exploring the many ways writers are inspired and develop stories. It is one of their favorite parts of our day. I would love to share yours if that is possible. Thank you for  creating a story that inspires us to stand out, live our dreams and imagine.

Daniel replies:

 This is what inspired me to write The Big Orange Splot. I lived it! Well, I did not paint my house in a very unusual way...just as well, since it was a rented house, and the owner might not have liked all the artwork...but I did live at one time on a "neat street," and by that I mean boring. I was standing and looking out the window at the houses, all the same, and I thought the thought that gives rise to all works of fiction..."What if?" I thought. "What if one of these houses had all kinds of crazy paintings on it?" So, instead of actually painting the house I lived in, and getting in trouble with the landlord, I wrote the story and drew the pictures. By the way, this is what art of all kinds does for allows us to experience things as they might be in addition to how they are.