August 29, 2018

Memoirs, remembrances

My wife and I have avidly read and enjoyed both Chicago Days / Hoboken Nights as well as Fish Whistle. I wonder if you have considered making any further forays into autobiography? I find that these books offer glimpses into a kind of 20th century bohemianism that is not often explored, or chronicled with such skill. It’s a real service to literature!

(For instance, the hints about the”zen cult” with which you were briefly associated are really fascinating.) Anyway, thanks for the good work.



Daniel replies:

Those two books contain whatever number of essays from among 600 to 700 pieces that were broadcast on NPR, and are mostly lost now. I'm not bored with my life, but I am a little bored with my own life story. I'm casting around now, trying to decide what book I want to write next. For the next couple of months, I'm engaged in a project having nothing directly to do with writing, after which I hope I will have decided. Stick around, I usually come up with something.