Emmett Brown

September 13, 2022

What devilry is this?

 Thank you in advance for viewing my query. This will unundoubtedly seem as unhinged to you in the retelling as it was to me in the reality. But for the last 3 weeks I have been receiving a transmission on my television set that seems to only come in between one thirty and three in the morning, halfway through my shift as a night watchman. A strange high pitch static interruption is followed by a grainy black and white broadcast of a group of what appear to be juvenile lizards begin playing a stylized rockabilly concert in a tv studio located inside of a pyramid. In between the songs the lead singer, who his bandmates call Reynold, will often address the audience directly and say things like ‘we’re waiting for you’ and ‘we have all the borglenuskies you need Mr Pinkwater’. Which brought me here. The situation is ongoing, but suffice to say once I rent a boat and triangulate the source of the transmission we should have more answers. But for now, have you tried Mochi before? just in case no, its delicious. 

Daniel replies:

I'm surprised if this is an over-the-air transmission. Most people pick up those performances on their phones. Word to the wise, ignore those ads for fleegix and other products, they're not authentic.