The Van Sant Family

December 3, 2020

The Blue Moose


The Blue Moose has been a favorite story of my husband’s since he was a little boy. When we had children we read it to them, and it quickly became a family favorite. The past few years, every December 1st, we have a “Blue Moose” dinner complete with clam chowder and real gingerbread (not cookies). We just finished our feast and our bellies are warm and full. Luckily my children and husband say more than “yup” when asked how they like the clam chowder! We chuckle at the story  and really enjoy the pictures too. Now on  to sit down with a cup of coffee. Thanks for writing a book that has become part of one of our family’s favorite traditions.

Much love,

The Van Sant family

Daniel replies:

Were you thinking of inviting me on December first next year?