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August 25, 2020

Thanks for all the books.

Much thanks for the body of work you’ve shared over the years!

Read Lizard Music as a brat. Decades later hunting it down again had me smiling from the first page to the last. Going on from that to discover the rest of your body of work has been a treasure haul for me and my pockets of free reading time. Norb was great!

Hope this message, and life overall, finds you well; cheers!

Daniel replies:

Understand that I wrote all that stuff to amuse myself and earn a modest living. It has always surprised me when people turn up who have read and even liked some of it. The very cool thing is that those people are always so nice! I don't know if it's people who read my books, or just people who read books. I don't know...but it's an honor to have anything to do with you.