Janet Harrison

August 23, 2020

Thank you for The Blue Moose

Dear Daniel Pinkwater,

I have been doing a beloved project with third grade students for decades based on your story, The Blue Moose.  Often I’ve had students return to visit me, and they invariably ask, “Are you still doing The Blue Moose, Ms. Harrison?!”


I would love to send you one of the activity books that a student did…now that I will soon be retiring after 32 years.   Loads of creative and artistic pages….


Please let me know where to send.

Janet Harrison


Daniel replies:

I suppose you know there exist a couple of hard, but not impossible, to find titles: RETURN OF THE MOOSE, and THE MOOSEPIRE. I believe there are instructions for mailing to me somewhere on this website, but maybe you can take a couple of pictures of an activity book, and post them here, so everybody can enjoy. Thanks for being a loyal moosist.