October 28, 2019


Mr. Pinkwater,

I started reading your books in 1977 with Lizard Music.  It planted in me a sense of adventure that has been with me all my life.  I owe much to Lizard Music, as well as Fat Men from Space, The Hoboken Chicken Emergency, The Last Guru, and Yobgorgle, Mystery Monster of Lake Ontario.  These works of yours helped shape me in positive ways as a child, and had no small part in influencing my adult life.  Through these wonderful books I found the joy of reading, and my life has been enriched ever since.

I’m truly thankful that your work exists in the world.  Your impact to my life, and I’m sure thousands of others, is immeasurable.  I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Best Regards,


Daniel replies:

I wasn't going for impacting anybody's life. All I thought I was doing was writing stories I would like to read. I think it's likely that you're a creative reader, and the works of some other genius would have had a similar effect, and helped you shape your taste and judgement...but I'm glad it was my stuff you chose.